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Chapter 16. Fighting Fire with Water— Yo... > Quitting Immediately - Pg. 172

Fighting Fire with Water-- Your Difficult-Boss Options 172 Here's a little trick if you decide to go to your boss's boss. Present the problem and its effects on things like productivity or the bottom line. Do so fairly. Then ask for advice and suggestions as to how to handle the situation. This shows deference and respect. It paints you as willing to listen and is far better than providing the solution yourself. Think of it as managing the boss's boss. Appeals to the Human Resource Department You can give a call for help to a third party. Sometimes the human resources department can be helpful in either intervening as a neutral third party or helping you find another position in the com- pany. However, unless your boss is acting contrary to specific company policy or is doing something illegal, the human resources department may be impotent. Usually human resource departments don't have formal authority over a manager without some violation of the rules. One other thing you should know. It isn't uncommon for human resources departments (or any department) to be what we might call "leaky." Things get around even if there are confidentiality rules. Assess whether you can trust the third party you approach for help. And assess any potential damages if someone leaks information that eventually gets to your boss. Insider Secrets