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Chapter 16. Fighting Fire with Water— Yo... > Quitting Immediately - Pg. 170

Fighting Fire with Water-- Your Difficult-Boss Options 170 Laying Down an Ultimatum Here's a fantasy for you. Mary works for a nutty boss. One day Mary goes to the CEO and says, "Get this guy off my back now or I'm out the door." The CEO shudders with horror (Mary is his best manager), immediately fires the nutty boss, and promotes Mary to the vacant position. Nice, huh? I guess there may be a few people who have brought this fantasy to reality. Heck, it's a weird, unpredictable world. But by and large it is a fantasy. Companies (and life in general) don't often work this way. You can use an ultimatum to stand up for a principle you feel is good and right, or even for your own sanity, but chances are your ultimatum is going to get your rear end escorted out of the building even faster than if you quit immediately. Yes, even if you're extremely competent. This Won't Work! A common error people make is to overestimate their own value or think they are irreplaceable. If you deliver an ultimatum, even your expertise may not save you. My motto is: Never issue an ultimatum unless you've already decided to leave!