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Chapter 1. Don't Just Sit and Suffer > Four Reasons You Might Choose to Be a Vi... - Pg. 10

Don't Just Sit and Suffer 10 From the Manager's Desk Acting without thinking, the old knee-jerk reaction, is the other fast track to victimhood. Apply Grandma's rule: When you feel a nasty or aggressive response coming from your gut, count to 10 before saying anything. That's the core of victimhood. When we add fuel to a fire, we make a bigger fire. Almost always our first gut response to difficult people is one that is going to increase the likelihood we will be victimized again, perhaps to a greater degree than before. It's really important that you understand that both inaction and overly quick action contribute to the increase of abuse from difficult people. Here are a few of the kinds of things you must avoid if you want to succeed in managing difficult people: · · · Responding to personal attacks with personal attacks Trying to win rather than addressing the issue Trying to shut down discussion too fast