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Chapter 1. Don't Just Sit and Suffer > A Hundred and One Uses for Difficult Peo... - Pg. 6

Don't Just Sit and Suffer 6 Cost to the Organization By now you've probably realized that when a difficult person is making your life miserable and mak- ing the lives of other employees miserable, that person is also costing the company a lot of time, energy, and money. This Won't Work! When difficult people are allowed to run amok, without management intervention, other employees lose faith in management and the company. The truth is that companies damaged heavily by difficult people are operating on one or two cylin- ders. In today's competitive marketplace, that can be serious indeed. Companies need to innovate, need to have their employees work together, and need to maximize the resources they have, not have people milling around at the watercooler cursing each other out. Difficult employees can affect companies by ...