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Chapter 1. Don't Just Sit and Suffer > A Hundred and One Uses for Difficult Peo... - Pg. 7

Don't Just Sit and Suffer 7 From the Manager's Desk The key to getting something positive from a difficult person is to learn how to separate what they have to say from the way they say it. Even difficult people have insight. Learn to listen to the words first, not the tone. Difficult people, amidst all the muck they stir up, may be a bit more sensitive (usually overly so) to important things occurring in the workplace that need to be addressed. While the way they say things may be a pain, what they have to say may be helpful and even important. Remind yourself that difficult people are not necessarily stupid or incompetent. Sometimes they may appear so, but many difficult people are highly educated and quite talented. It's just that their inter- personal skills are impaired. Insider Secrets