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Chapter 1. Don't Just Sit and Suffer > The Cost of Difficult People - Pg. 3

Don't Just Sit and Suffer 3 Let's face it. Most of us try very hard to avoid managing difficult people . Somehow we believe that, left to their own devices, they will "smarten up" or "grow up," or if we're really lucky, simply quit or go away. It rarely works that way. Still, if you want to be able to work with the difficult folks, you need to know why you must manage their behavior. And that means understanding the toll difficult people exact from everyone around them. Let's start with the most important person here: you. After all, if you don't see a personal benefit to being proactive in dealing with that difficult person, why would you put the time and energy into trying to turn around a difficult situation? Employee Handbook A difficult person is someone whom you or others do not like to interact with, due to his or her stubbornness, abusiveness, or other irksome behavior. Difficult people get in your way. The Cost to You Since you are reading this book, you obviously have a very personal interest in managing difficult people. So, let's start by talking about how a difficult person affects you.