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Chapter 19. Difficult Colleagues > The Work Killers - Pg. 208

Difficult Colleagues 208 So, bring up the subject with all the managers at your level. Develop some guidelines that each of you agree to follow, and allow managers to have slightly different policies. It's perfectly OK for one manager to want to have things routed through her, while another manager may say "Heck, on these subjects, just go to my staff directly, but notify me after." Different managers need or want different things. When all managers understand what each needs, then the potential for problems is dramatically reduced, as is the level of inter-manager conflict. The Turf Warriors The turf warriors are often referred to as empire builders. They grab projects, claim credit, and try to expand their staff and influence. They definitely aren't fun because they play internal politics constantly. Perhaps they're ambitious for promotion. Maybe it's just always trying to prove they're important. Who knows? You have two major strategies to deal with turf warriors. One is to enter the game of turf fighting-- that is, you use the same politicking and tactics of the turf warrior. Now, that's fine if you enjoy that kind of thing, but generally it's not good for the company. And if the other person is better at it than you (that's likely), then who knows what will happen? The truth is, you may lose and lose badly. From the Manager's Desk