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Chapter 19. Difficult Colleagues > The Work Killers - Pg. 207

Difficult Colleagues 207 Insider Secrets Gossip and rumors tend to thrive in organizations that don't communicate information well internally. In an information vacuum, people create rumors and gossip to fill the void. If you see a good deal of rumormongering or gossip, see whether you can help create a system where communication is more open. When real infor- mation is available, there is less need to create false information. You know what, though? That's easier said than done. Many of us really do like a good rumor or good gossip. But remember that when you condone gossip or rumor, you also condone gossip and rumor about you when you aren't around. The Authority Underminers Colleagues who undermine your authority tend to communicate with your staff and go around you. In most organizations, it's expected that if another manager needs to talk to someone in a different work unit, he or she goes through the manager of that unit. It's a courtesy, but it has a practical dimension. Managers need to know what goes on in their bailiwick, and when there is conversation going in all directions at different levels, it means you may not have the information you need.