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Chapter 19. Difficult Colleagues > The Work Killers - Pg. 206

Difficult Colleagues 206 This goes beyond annoying. So while you can use the other techniques we've described in this chapter, probably your first action needs to be to calm down. Do the positive self-talk. When you feel you're ready to make a direct approach, do it. This requires more firmness than some of the other situations, and it's likely going to end in a heated discussion. But let's face it: If you find that one of your fellow managers is running you down behind your back, you can't really allow this behavior to continue. So in you go. Your direct approach will contain any evidence you have re- garding specific things the backstabber has said; dates and times are good. Then you give a firm request to stop right away. And couple that with any actions you'll take if it continues. Here's how it might sound. "Tom, I understand that you've been making some comments about my management ability to other people. While the information I have might not be completely accurate, that's not an ac- ceptable way to do things around here. I would like you to stop making remarks about me to third parties and come directly to me if you have a problem, and maybe we can work it out. However, if I do hear that this is continuing, I'm going to have to bring this up with the vice president because it makes us all look bad." This Won't Work!