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Chapter 19. Difficult Colleagues > The Work Killers - Pg. 204

Difficult Colleagues 204 There are two reasons to involve other team members in dealing with a resource hogger: to come up with a group solution everyone buys into, and to apply some subtle indirect pressure on a resource hogger without mentioning him or her specifically. If you want to introduce the topic at a team meeting, here's one way you could do it. "You know, in the past few months I've been having more and more trouble getting or finding the files I need to get our work done. I'm wondering whether I'm the only one facing that problem and whether we can figure out some ways to ensure that all of us have what we need when we need it. That way all of us can benefit. Have others here hit this issue?" The example above is positive, constructive and non-blaming, which opens the door for others, or even the resource hogger to suggest a solution. Just Insensitive The insensitive colleague can fall in the annoying and frustrating category or in the work-killer group. It depends, so we'll have to do a reality check on the insensitive. Step back and examine the person's behavior. Is it affecting getting work done in your work unit? Is it having a clear-cut effect on your other peers and team members? And is that effect just in the form of aggravation, or is the work actually suffering? Insensitivity can be very mild to quite extreme, ranging from occasional rudeness and interrupting to consistent use of bad language, sexist remarks, and generally unpleasant interpersonal behavior. Whether you need to take any action at all depends on whether it is causing a threat to getting work done.