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Chapter 19. Difficult Colleagues > The Work Killers - Pg. 203

Difficult Colleagues 203 Then approach the resource hogger and lay out the issue on a factual basis. Explain what resources you need and have lacked, and the effect that not having them is having on you and your work unit. Assume the best at first. Assume the person is simply oblivious to these things and not deliberately malicious. Try to negotiate some agreement, and stay focused on the issue: an allocation of re- sources so you both have what you need when you need it. This straight and honest approach will work for good managers or reasonable managers. Mostly their resource hogging is a case of not having thought about the effects of their behavior on others. However, it won't always work. Then what? From the Manager's Desk First, use positive self-talk, then approach the hogger directly in a nonemotional way. Many resource hoggers aren't aware of how they affect their co-workers. A quick, nonthreatening direct approach may be enough to solve the problem. The other options you have involve other people, either other members of your management team (at the same level), your mutual boss, or someone who might be able to institute a more team-