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Chapter 19. Difficult Colleagues > The Work Killers - Pg. 202

Difficult Colleagues 202 and venting about a co-worker in an emotional way, they presume that you're probably a problem, too. So the use of positive self-talk helps you avoid looking bad and actually helps you maintain credibility with the people you may need to help you deal with that problem co-worker (for example, your boss, other staff, or managers). The Resource Hog Here's the deal with the resource hog. She or he is not much of a team player and is so focused on his or her own work unit that it can actually reduce the effectiveness of the company. It's a weird thought that you can have a situation where one work unit improves its productivity but damages the productivity of other units, and the company as a whole gets a negative return. But it does happen. And if you're the manager of one of those work units damaged for the benefit of the resource hog, it's a problem. This Won't Work! Resource hogs often do what they do because they really want to do a good job. It's just their focus is too narrow. Don't assume they're evil. First, approach them as committed people trying to do a good job--they just don't understand how they're affecting the rest of the organization.