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Chapter 12. Can You Create Win-Win with ... > Collaborative Problem Solving - Pg. 127

Can You Create Win-Win with These Folks? And How! A win-win negotiation requires all of the pieces we've described. Don't skip any of them. 127 It is, however, your turn to state your position. Here's the way Roberta did it with Mel. "OK, now I understand better, Mel. Here's where I'm coming from. I want to come up with a solution that works for you, but it has to work for me also, and I don't have total flexibility here. Believe it or not, the company doesn't always let me do what I think best. First, Mel, I think we can use your talents better, and if we can't maybe you and I can figure out where you might be able to learn new things and follow a different career path. So we agree on that one. But I need something from you. We need to work this out between the two of us. That means that I need you to stop talking to Patrick (Roberta's boss), and I need you to stop bringing up your unhap- piness with other employees. I don't think we can succeed without that. Are you willing to do that for now?" From the Manager's Desk When presenting your needs, make sure you indicate where and how your needs and the needs of the em- ployee fit together or coincide. You do this to build hope and focus on the areas where agreement exists.