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Chapter 12. Can You Create Win-Win with ... > The End Game—Commitment and Follow-U... - Pg. 129

Can You Create Win-Win with These Folks? And How! At the follow-up meeting, the following can be discussed: · · · · 129 Are both parties happy with how the other person has carried out the agreement? (If not, fix it.) Is there anything else that needs to be done? Any barriers cropping up to the solution? If so, deal with them. Boy, we should be congratulated for turning this around!!! And that's about it. Continue follow-up until it is deemed no longer necessary. The Least You Need to Know · Win-win can work with even venomous employees. · You need to assess the likelihood of success. · Win-win requires great skill levels and self-discipline on your part. · The initial approach phase is probably most important but all steps are needed. · When the going gets rough, refocus on the benefits of working together and on the problem itself, not on personalities.