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Chapter 12. Can You Create Win-Win with ... > Win-Win—Breaking Through with the Ap... - Pg. 124

Can You Create Win-Win with These Folks? And How! 124 When Roberta approaches Mel for the first time to begin some conversation, she wants to convey a lack of pressure, a willingness to listen, the intention to help, and a lack of judgmental comments. That means no blaming, focusing on creating solutions, and, at least at the beginning, trying to get the door open. In our example earlier, Roberta approached Mel with the following: "Mel, I'm getting the sense that you're frustrated or unhappy about your work and what you're doing. I'd like to talk about that and see whether I can help in some way." Employee Handbook The initial approach is the bedrock or foundation of creating a win-win situation. It is the first contact made by the manager towards the employee to present the option of working together and to get a commitment to do so. See the helping tone. Roberta didn't mention the difficult behavior Mel was using. That can come up much later after she's established a communication bridge. At this point either Mel will respond positively or not. If the first meeting isn't working, Roberta stops it by saying: