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Chapter 12. Can You Create Win-Win with ... > Is Win-Win Possible with the Venomou... - Pg. 121

Can You Create Win-Win with These Folks? And How! 121 Employee Handbook Win-win means that both parties in a dispute or problem situation construct a new and innovative solution that gives them what they both want or need. 1. 2. The idea behind win-win is that the problem situation is resolved. That means it doesn't re- appear in some other form, because you have addressed what's underlying the problem. An added bonus: When you fix a problem with win-win, you also improve the relationship between you and the employee. That's gotta be good! If you succeed at creating a win-win situation, you avoid the risks associated with a unilateral management decision, or the use of discipli nary action. When you use power and author- ity to solve a difficult person problem, chances are that the difficult person will become more difficult, will use whatever power he or she has to fight you, or will initiate a union grievance process or legal process to strike back. Mel works in a department as a receptionist. He reports to Roberta, who manages five other staff members. It's a union shop. Roberta faces a problem. Mel has been less and less productive over the last months, but even worse, he has been doing some things that indicate a venomous situation may be developing. He's made it known that he feels his talents aren't being used properly and that Roberta has made promises she hasn't kept, and once or twice he has gone over Roberta's head to the division head to complain about possible discrimination. Let's look at an example to see these advantages in action. This situation has all the makings of one that will result in possible grievances or even legal action. Roberta's a sharpie. She's catches this stuff early. So what are the choices? She can read the riot act (Lord knows it's justified), but that's likely to result in the involvement of the union. Or she can try to work with Mel to find out what's going on and see whether there's a way to solve the problem. From the Manager's Desk While we are presenting win-win techniques in our section on the venomous, they can work in most other difficult-person situations. Use the approach once you've determined it can succeed. Roberta sets up a meeting with Mel and broaches the subject in a nonconfrontational way. She says to Mel: