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Chapter 10. Self-Programming for Success > Communicating Positive Expectations

Communicating Positive Expectations

When you have positive expectations and attitudes about yourself, you feel more empowered and experience more success. When you have positive expectations of others, you act as an influence and help empower them, too. Communicating to empower involves using the win-win or “I’m okay—you’re okay” philosophy.

Check ( ) the situations below that are “I’m okay–you’re okay” or win-win examples.

__ 1. A manager says to an employee, “I’m impressed with the thoroughness of this report, Tracy. I can always depend on you to do a good job.”

__ 2. When a team member arrives late for a meeting, the leader rolls his eyes and exhales loudly.

__ 3. A parent speaking to a teenager says, “Don’t forget to clean your room today and don’t leave your dirty clothes piled up in the corner!”

__ 4. A teacher says to a student, “You are going to learn a lot about how nature works in this section.”

__ 5. Two managers are talking about their teams. One says, “Even though the people on my team are mostly new, I can tell they are going to set some records.”

__ 6. An employee asks the manager, “Will you check this and give me some feedback?”

__ 7. One worker says to another, “Isn’t that typical? You can always count on management to make things more difficult.”

__ 8. An employee notices another struggling with a complaining customer over the telephone and offers a smile and a thumbs-up hand signal.

__ 9. A friend compliments you on your presentation, saying, “That was a super job. I could never pull that off so smoothly.”

__ 10. A manager is thinking about conducting a performance review with an employee: “I don’t know how to handle this one. This is going to be really tough for him to take.”

A: Answers: Numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8 are win-win examples. Numbers 2, 3, 7, 9, and 10 communicate negative expectations of self or others. Numbers 9 and 10 reveal self-defeating expectations.



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