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Chapter 21. Delegating to Empower Others > CASE STUDY: Delegating to Empower

CASE STUDY: Delegating to Empower

  Marvin asks Tony to join him in his office. “Tony, I’m having trouble using the production figures. I have to spend too much time analyzing the data. I know that you are familiar with production and that you are good with numbers. You also have a solid relationship with the production people, so I would like for you to figure out a better way to report this information. Are you willing to take this on?”

Tony responds, “I would love to! What are the biggest problems with the way the information is reported now?”

Marvin answers, “I can’t tell at a glance how each team is doing on production goals or in comparison to the other teams. I also have to spend a lot of time looking up last year’s performance figures to check our improvement.”

Tony says, “Okay, that gives me a better idea of what you need. May I get some help from Sherry in data processing? She is our best programmer, and I’ll bet she’ll have some good ideas about how to get this data reported in more useful ways.”

Marvin answers, “Sure, Tony, and I’ll authorize whatever computer time you two will need. I’ll also tell all of the production people that you are going to need their cooperation. Anything else?” Tony says, “Not right now, but I may have more questions later.” Marvin ends with, “Ask anytime, Tony. Will you give me a weekly progress report and present your ideas to me before we make any changes in the system?” “Sure, boss.”

  Quite an improvement, right? This still is not a perfect delegation, but excellence does not require perfection. With this approach, Tony and Marvin will have a better relationship. Tony will do a better job with this assignment, and the improvement in efficiency will be many times greater than the original approach. Tony has willingly and enthusiastically accepted this responsibility and knows he is accountable for the results. Marvin also has grown in his self-empowerment by having empowered Tony.



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