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Part VI: APPENDIX > Confronting a Co-Worker - Pg. 80

80 Motivating People to Change The most commonly heard complaints from managers are that employees have a "bad attitude" or are "just not motivated." When problems with others are defined in these ways, a successful win-win resolution is highly unlikely. Why? Because from all the research into personality, attitudes, and motivation over many decades, we know the following generally to be true: Personality is developed during the early years of childhood, and most experts in psychology and psychiatry agree that personality does not change once it is formed. Even with extensive psychotherapy, people do not change their basic personalities. These core characteristics are like the foundation of a house, which can be built upon through life--adding rooms or remodeling--but the foundation remains untouched. Attitudes reflect our core beliefs and values. Attitudes can change when a person's underlying beliefs and values change, but this generally happens only when the person decides to change, not when someone