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Step 2. Pursue a Process that Creates Ba... > Know Your Priorities - Pg. 8

Pursue a Process that Creates Balance: Balancing What Is Most Important to 8 You Unless you erect borders around work and family, you will be very hard pressed to maintain a balance. Without clear boundaries, you can't determine when one aspect of your life has infringed on the other. How can we adjust if we can't clearly assess whether our work or family are taking up too many of our resources? We must be consistent in our evaluation and protection of these boundaries so that neither family nor work takes too much of the pie for too much of the time. Balance is, after all, the ability to have a lot of the things that we want most, most of the time, and if we haven't clearly delineated our different wants, we won't be able to balance them effectively. One way to build boundaries is to set priorities. Prioritizing is a way of determining what is most important to us. There are two essential components in prioritizing: 1. 2. Knowing how to establish what is most important to us. Knowing what we have to give up. What has to go to the back of the line and wait? (This idea is discussed extensively in Chapter 4.) Know Your Priorities We encourage you to take time to understand your priorities. You can easily make a priority list by asking the key question, What do I want? What do you want? List your top three priorities: Priority 1: Priority 2: Priority 3: