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Praise for Having It All ... and Making It Work:

Praise for Having It All ... and Making It Work:

“This is not just another intimidating book on balancing your life—it is an approachable, realistic look at the age-old question: which comes first: family or career? Its solutions are practical, hopeful, and principled.”

author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“I like this concept of balance because it takes into account the reality of conflicting priorities. When your work and family are both very important to you, as they are to me and most of my professional friends, how do you cope? I’ve opted for a work situation that allows me to be very involved with my wife in the challenging role of parenting.”

ESPN Broadcaster and two-time NFL MVP

“Work/life balance is one of the most daunting personal challenges that individual managers face today. Mills, Mattu, and Hornby have done an exceptional job in putting together a very readable and practical guide to overcoming that challenge—and turning the frustration of imbalance into the joy of balance.”

author of The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

“One hour with this book can make a lifetime of difference. The authors offer a practical framework with useful insights on managing the conflicting priorities of work and family.”

Associate Professor, and Robert Weissman Term Chair of Entrepreneurship, Babson College

“I am impressed with this book and plan to use it in my courses on Organizational Leadership. It will be an important addition to our curriculum. My students will be well served by such wisdom.”

—MICHAEL QUIGLEY, Professor of Organizational Leadership, Brevard College

“This is wise counsel for anyone who wants a fully engaged life. It is possibility thinking turned into life-enhancing action planning. If heeded, it could change your life. If heeded by many it could change workplace norms. Read it and pass it on.”

Founding Director, Institute for Socio-Financial Studies and mother of six grown children

Having It All ... and Making It Work is both simple and profound. It provides practical tips, tools, and guidelines to help professionals have a better life and achieve what is really important.”

described in Fast Company as America’s preeminent executive coach, in
Forbes as one of five most respected executive coaches,
and in The Wall Street Journal as one of the top ten executive educators

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