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Introduction > Play the Game with Us

Play the Game with Us

Success in work and in life is fun and rewarding. It's a great game, but a game that requires a very strategic plan, and we'll show you how to follow the plan step by step. As you read, you'll notice that you've become a player in a card game with us. You won't have any cards to start, but with each new chapter, you'll gain insight into a different hand of cards that will lead you to success. Each hand has a lesson—a strong suit that you'll have to play. At the end of each chapter, you'll be asked to draw at least one card to get actively involved in the game in your own life. This strategy will keep you in an active, doing mode and out of a passive, thinking mode.

After you complete each card's instructions in your own life, you'll record your results in your game plan at the back of the book. This is a game you'll be able to play throughout your life because, as your goals change, your game plan could also need to change. Without revealing the whole game, here is a brief preview of the hands you'll be dealt:

Begin Game Here

In Chapter 1 you'll get a glimpse of the big picture. You'll learn about others like you who are facing decisions and moves on a daily basis. You'll understand the overall important themes of the game: wisdom, courage, strategy, and timing.

The Preparation Hand

In Chapter 2 you'll learn to step back, take stock of your life, and find your passion. You'll define your values as well as clarify and write your goals. You'll be able to look inside yourself, plan in pieces, and make room for work and family.

The Attitude Hand

In Chapter 3 you'll get a healthy dose of the positive. You'll learn how to shine through, say yes, give more, allow failure, find the window, take risks, be a cheerleader, forget perfection, and embrace change.

The Visibility Hand

You'll learn in Chapter 4 how to be visible, have energy, talk to everybody, reach out, and follow up. You'll be able to maximize every networking opportunity.

The Style Hand

In Chapter 5 you'll enhance your know-how of style by understanding your special flair and how to use it. You'll learn to choose appropriately, understand perceptions, enhance yourself, know your buyer, entertain, give gifts, and celebrate you.

The Presentation Hand

Chapter 6 will help you when you're asked to speak to others. You'll be inspired to write and speak often, to be unique, think globally, know your tools, build your case, and keep current.

The Listening Hand

Chapter 7 is an important hand that is the center of every other play. You'll look closely at how you listen to learn, are accepting, and acknowledge mistakes. You'll also learn to listen for style, listen with your eyes, listen up, and listen to language.

The Learning Hand

In Chapter 8 you'll focus on how to learn through being aware, asking for help, developing yourself, and taking responsibility. You'll learn from other generations and cultures.

The Balance Hand

Chapter 9 describes the all-important balance that you can achieve through addressing anxieties, simplifying, managing thoughts, saying no, and making a plan for family.

The Flexibility Hand

Chapter 10 provides the last step in keeping you flexed for the future through simple strategies for change management from accepting to letting go to moving forward. You'll be inspired to take action.

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