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Chapter 1. Begin Game Here > Play Well with Others

Play Well with Others

Just as there are no false moves in a successful game, neither are there false players. Successful players are real people who are able to build lives and careers that are meaningful and rewarding. Throughout this book, you'll meet a number of people like yourself, learning with them in various situations. You'll also meet people who are different but who will provide valuable information from which you can learn. You'll learn from the first-hand experiences of the real people we've interviewed as well as from The Players who progress in their own unique game plans throughout the book. The Players represent composites of people like you who want to make moves.


Anthony Anthony is a fifty-five-year-old former sales executive who had worked his way up in the furniture business when the recession hit. With two grown children in college, it was tough. New jobs were not easy to find, and he encountered resistance to his age and experience. Luckily, a friend with connections in a large office products distribution company helped him get a ob as an internal consultant. When you meet Anthony, he is without direct reports and a management position for the first time in twenty-five years. What should his next move be?

Kathleen Kathleen is a “go-getter,” a twenty-eight-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative with seven years of experience—a real dynamo who set sales records within her globally based company. She frequently travels internationally, working the key accounts with the latest products. A high achiever, she falls below her peers only in interpersonal skill areas. Highly independent, she loves to work alone and is motivated by money, honors, and travel. You'll find out if she's moving toward the promotion list.

Harry Harry, sixty-six, retired two years ago from a forty-one-year career as a high school music teacher. He enjoyed his years as an educator and loved working with teenagers. He earned a number of awards from both the community and professional associations and was a respected teacher. As he neared the end of his teaching career, he looked forward to his retirement and having time to devote to his family, hobbies, and travel. After two years of active retirement, he found himself a widower and without direction. Harry wants to redefine himself and find a niche that will make him happy. What will he choose to do?

Linda Linda is a forty-five-year-old female independent contractor who spent eight years working in the human resources department of a governmental agency. She enjoyed her work, having moved up quickly from nonexempt recruiting to senior recruiting. After marrying and having children, she took fifteen years off to stay at home. When Linda decided to go back to work, she weighed her options and realized that she wanted to manage her own small business so she could have more flexibility. What are her best moves now?

William William, energetic but inexperienced, is a twenty-two-year-old Asian American who recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer science. While in college, he participated in many extracurricular activities such as swim team and jazz band, but honors math and science classes were where he excelled. He had several great job offers and now works with a well-known West Coast computer company. How does he play the game on his first job?

Juana Juana, thirty-five, an immigrant from Mexico, is experiencing her first job in the United States to help her husband and family afford a better life and education. She is learning computer technology as a customer service representative at a garden center where her husband also works. Juana speaks some English and wants to excel at her job. What moves should she make, and when?



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