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Chapter 9. THE BALANCE OF FRIENDSHIP > Kick Your Friendships Up a Notch

Kick Your Friendships Up a Notch

Like anything else, friendships can fall into a rut. Every weekend it's the same old same old. Maybe you have old friends you've been meaning to contact, but never get around to it. Then again, maybe you would like to break out of your mold and make new friends. Here's a few quick suggestions:

  • Step outside your box and do something completely different—join a theater group, wine tasting group, karate studio, cycling club, or reading group. The list of possibilities are endless, but the point is to just “do it.”

  • Buy season tickets to the ballet, opera, or the theater. If cultural events don't excite you then look into something that does. Maybe it's basketball, ice-skating, or even wrestling. Take a different friend every time or bring a business associate.

  • Get a group of friends together and have a cooking party. Invite one of the local chefs to your home and have him or her give the group a lesson.

  • Invite a dance instructor to your home to give you and your friends a few dance lessons.

  • Sit down with your friends and put some fun weekends on the calendar.

  • For something completely different, look into something bigger like going on a sailing or fishing trip, or even space camp.

  • Start a readers group with your friends.

  • Pick an important cause in your community and organize a few of your friends to do something about it.

  • Join the local gym or YMCA with your friends and go together.

  • Start a basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, or softball league.

  • Take an art, photography, or sculpting class with a group of friends.



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