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Chapter 7. Marriage: The Test of Time > How to Drive Your Partner Nuts

How to Drive Your Partner Nuts

A marriage isn't just about one person. It's a partnership that with love and good management will endure for a lifetime. Nobody comes into a relationship without flaws and quirks. Sometimes we're not even aware of the ways we can drive our partner crazy. Read on to see if you see yourself:

  • Give your partner a secret test. Your insecurities about everything cause you to find ways to see if your partner really cares or not. Naturally, your partner almost always fails because he or she has no idea that there is a test in the first place.

  • Fight dirty. Fighting with you is like being in a street fight. Not only do you erupt like a volcano but you curse, name call, and insult everyone within a two-mile radius. A few minutes later and it's all over. You feel fine, but your partner is left dazed and confused.

  • Maintain the “You did to me so I'll do it to you” cycle. For you getting back at your partner is justifiable. Even though your husband couldn't go to your office party because he had to work late, you won't go to his party. Just because your wife forgot to fill the gas tank, you'll do the same even though she has an early office meeting.

  • Talk about your relationship with everyone from your mother to your yoga instructor. You talk to everyone about everything. You're constantly gathering opinions and advice from outsiders. Eventually you have so many conflicting opinions that you don't know what to do.

  • Agree that you're going to do something—and then don't. After a long heart-to-heart talk with your spouse, you both agree that it's time for you to take care of the family finances. Despite your good intentions, the bills are put off, and eventually you and your partner are having the same argument again.

  • Become the complainer. You're the person who is never happy because nothing is ever right—enough. The restaurant's air conditioning is too cold, the menu too boring, and the service too slow.

  • Keep changing the subject during an argument. Fighting with you is like trying to catch a fish with bare hands. One minute you're arguing about the lawn and in the next you're bringing up that incident with your mother-in-law 20 years ago. Before long nothing gets resolved and you can't remember what got you mad in the first place.



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