"Orloff and Levinson guide us in how to actively take control of what we cancontrol with concrete strategies, mindfulness, and respect for ourselves."

Life out of balance?
Stop worrying about it. Start fixing it.
Discover what you're already doing right...and how to do more of it.
Start taking small steps in the right direction...right this minute.
No more fuzzy thinking. No more blame.
No more feeling sorry for yourself.
This book's solution-focused strategies will energize you, invigorate you,help you get beyond burnout to balance and on to the life you've always wanted.

"The bewildering pace in which we live today seems contrary to a healthy rate of human development. Those in the know will come to an 'age of reconciliation' where we will create a balance between ourselves and other aspects of our lives, be it job, marriage, finances, or spirituality. Walking the Tightrope provides a stepwise guide to this change. The authors gently, through their own self disclosure, support the reader in a realistic commitment to a balance of the 'self.'"
--Dr. Phil Heller, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

"In their new book, Walking the Tightrope, Erica Orloff and Kathy Levinson are daring high wire artists who offer hope on a rope by helping us put the balance back into our three-ring circus lives. They show us how to map success and to chart life courses that are fulfilling and dynamic."
--Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D., Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs, Nova Southeastern University

"What a large, therapeutic journey to capture life and its core . . . the authors' personal vignettes of the numerous 'insane Kodak moments' we all share has given me room to breathe anew. I am comforted knowing my journey for balance is a shared world view."
--Marcy Sirkin, Ph.D., Family Therapist

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