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Chapter 2. The Keyboard > Summary - Pg. 33

The Keyboard 33 Window System Keys Keys that are processed by the window system never make it into your program. For example, Alt +F4 on many window systems closes the active window. The window manager invokes the appro- priate action, and the key is consumed. The list of system key sequences is not only platform- specific; it is window manager-specific. Because there is no standard window manager API to query and intercept window system keys, there is generally nothing that can be done to prevent this be- havior. In any case, overriding system keys is not something your application should do. Summary In this chapter, you have learned about the focus- and keyboard-handling capabilities of SWT. When a key is typed, it is resolved as a window system key, an accelerator key, a traversal key, or a key event. Except for window system keys and the preprocessing of international text, your program has the opportunity to take part in any of these character-processing subsystems.