The technology, tools, and bandwidth are here: Use them now with Core Web3D!

  • The Web developer's guide to state-of-the-art 3D on the Internet

  • Integrate Web3D into any Web site-without getting buried in code

  • Covers VRML97, Java 3D, and hot new MPEG-4 and X3D technologies

Forewords by Dave Raggett, HTML Architect for the World Wide Web Consortium; Mark Pesce and Tony Parisi, Co-inventors of VRML and past Directors of the Web3D Consortium

The Web developer's guide to 3D on the Internet...

Finally, the technology, tools, bandwidth, and computing power are in place to smoothly deliver compelling 3D content over the Web. And now there's a book that helps Web developers leverage 3D—without getting overwhelmed by code!

Core Web3D unveils a suite of technologies that make it possible to deliver remarkable 3D content over the Web: VRML97, Java 3D, MPEG-4, as well as the exciting new X3D (Extensible 3D using XML), which promises to deliver interoperable, lightweight Internet and broadcast 3D.

3D experts Aaron E. Walsh and Mikaël Bourges-Sévenier demonstrate how Web3D delivers key advances over previous technologies, including international standardization, interoperability, browser ubiquity, fourth-generation APIs, and visual authoring tools.

Discover how to integrate Web3D technologies seamlessly into any Web site, by repurposing, modifying, and customizing existing Web3D content-getting great results without reinventing the wheel.

Core Web3D is the perfect guide for every Web developer working with media-rich sites.


  • DEMONSTRATES practical techniques used by professional developers

  • FEATURES robust, thoroughly tested sample code and realistic examples

  • FOCUSES on the cutting-edge technologies you need to master today

  • PROVIDES expert advice that will help you build superior software

Core Web3D delivers:

  • Comprehensive introduction to VRML97, Java 3D, MPEG-4/BIFS, and X3D

  • Detailed guidance on repurposing existing Web3D code to your specific needs

  • Hands-on coverage of the hot new MPEG-4/BIFS standard and the future X3D standard

  • Straight-from-the-hip comparisons of Web3D technologies

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