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Chapter 2. Content Comes First …Give Your Community Something to Talk About - Pg. 9

9 Chapter 2. Content Comes First ...Give Your Community Something to Talk About In the chicken-or-the-egg relationship of content and community, it's easy to get lost in wondering which came first. Community areas generate content, but it takes content to draw people to the community areas. I'm here to settle the debate. When you're talking about community on the web, content always comes first. In fact, the definition of "content" could be "that which the user experiences before he communicates with other users." No matter what kind of site you run, there's always content. If you run an editorially driven site, you know what content is already-- it's your stories, articles, and features. If your site is a web store, think of the product pages as individual elements of content. If your site is geared for tech support, the FAQs and tech support documentation are your content.