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This book was drafted from my personal experience with thousands of individuals who, over the last quarter century, have struggled to instill usability engineering capabilities within their companies. While I cannot possibly name them all, I am sure they will see themselves within these pages, sharing their insights and knowledge through my eyes. This book is theirs more than mine.

I would like to thank Dr. Robert Bailey, Dr. Darryl Yoblick, and Gary Griggs, who were my mentors when I first joined the field. Without them I don't know if I ever would have figured out how to do this work right. I would also like to thank the pioneers of institutionalization who created effective usability departments. Among these, special thanks to Dr. Arnie Lund, Dr. Ed Israelski, and Dr. Tom Tullis, from whom I learned much.

I would like to thank the staff at Human Factors International, Inc. (HFI). Our president, Jay More, has been at my side for nearly 15 years, helping me to see usability from a business perspective. I am indebted to Apala Lahiri Chavan, Dr. Phil Goddard, Dr. Susan Weinschenk, and Dr. Kath Straub for their technical contributions and review of this book. Indeed, my entire staff at HFI has contributed in so many ways to this book, developing methods, sharing ideas, and working directly on the book itself.

I would like to thank the pioneering clients I have been able to work with in applying institutionalization strategies. In particular, thanks to Carolyn Burke and Nicole Poirier from the RBC Royal Bank in Canada. And a note of thanks to my editor at Addison-Wesley, Peter Gordon, who saw what was possible from our early outlines, and provided invaluable counsel and support.

While there have been many who have given me ideas and comments, I am especially thankful for my colleagues who took the time to contribute their insights and advice to the readers directly, particularly:

Aaron Marcus, President, Aaron Marcus and Associates

Apala Lahiri Chavan, Managing Director, Human Factors International—India

Arnie Lund, Director of Design and Usability, Microsoft

Colin Hynes, Director of Site Usability, Staples

Dana Griffith, CUA, Web Consultant, Interactive Media, American Electric Power

Ed Israelski, Program Manager—Human Factors, Abbott Laboratories

Harley Manning, Research Director, Forrester Research

Janice Nall, Web Chief Manager, Communication Technologies Branch, National Cancer Institute

Feliça Selenko, Principal Technical Staff Member, AT&T

Pat Malecek, CUA, User Experience Manager, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.

Phil Goddard, Director of Training and Certification, Human Factors International

Sean Wheeler, Lead Usability Specialist, The Social Security Administration

Todd Gross, Director, Corporate Statistics/Human Factors, Medtronic MiniMed

Finally, my special thanks to Bryan Floyd, who is vice president of marketing at HFI. He always believed in me, in my vision, and in our ability to share it with the world. He and his staff worked long and hard to help assemble and edit this book. Maura Gibbons Vij was the primary coordinator of this effort and without her patient coordination, review, editing, research, and attention to detail, this book would not have been possible. Also, my thanks to Rebecca Greenberg, who provided outstanding restructuring, rewriting, and refinement to the early draft of this book, and to Riya Thosar, Doug Walker, Ulhas Moses, and Ashwini Garde, who provided or refined the graphics in this book.

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