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Part: III Appendixes > Chapter 2: Making the Most of Web Design Patterns

Chapter 2: Making the Most of Web Design Patterns

Books, Research Papers, and News Articles

Alexander, C. , S. Ishikawa , and M. Silverstein . (1977) A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction. New York: Oxford University Press.
This book originally introduced the idea of patterns in the field of architecture. Alexander has inspired many, including the authors of the book you have in hand, with his idea that patterns could be an effective way of doing design, and a way that customers could express their needs and desires.

Borchers, J . (2001) A Pattern Approach to Interaction Design. Chichester, England: Wiley.
This was the first book to bring patterns to user interface design. The Web site for this book, at http://hcipatterns.org, includes research and conferences dealing with patterns.

Fry, J . (2001, August 13) Web shoppers' loyalty isn't so crazy after all. Wall Street Journal. (http://ebusiness.mit.edu/news/WSJ_Story8-13-01.html)
This article looks at a phenomenon known as cognitive lock-in, in which people find things that are familiar more attractive. One result is that people tend not to shop around as much as economists expect, sticking to retailers they already know, because the time to learn a new interface might not be worth the money that might be saved at a competitor's site.

Gamma, E. , R. Helm , R. Johnson , and J. Vlissides . (1995) Design Patterns. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.
This book brought the concept of patterns to software design and programming.

Web Sites

Erickson, T . (No date) The Interaction Design Patterns Page. (http://www.pliant.org/personal/Tom_Erickson/InteractionPatterns.html)
This Web site contains resources on pattern languages for interaction design, including pointers to other pattern Web sites and patterns for user interface design.

Tidwell, J . (1999) Common Ground: A Pattern Language for Human–Computer Interface Design. (http://www.mit.edu/~jtidwell/common_ground.html)
This Web site has about 60 patterns targeted at design, running the gamut from content design to navigation to attractiveness.

Welie, M. van . (2001) Web Design Patterns. (http://www.welie.com/patterns)
This Web page lists about 20 patterns for Web design, focusing on navigation, searching, page elements, and e-commerce.



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