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Chapter 2. What Customers Want - Pg. 10

10 Chapter 2. What Customers Want In a nutshell, customers want e-services that are better, faster, and smarter. And you may only get one chance to provide them. As I've stood behind customers, in the moment before they experience a business' Web site for the first time, I've been poignantly aware of all the expectations they have poised in their fingertips as they anticipate swinging into action once the home page downloads. I have found that, basically, customers expect a Web site to improve the service they receive from the business in question. To a customer, this means getting things done easier, faster, and smarter. As soon as customers download a Web site, they expect to experience something superior; they expect businesses to have applied this great, new technology to enhance their service experience and to help them, personally, get things done. And what does it mean to get things done? Well, let's put ourselves in the customers' shoes for a moment and think about the things they need to do to find, set up, and maintain the services they need.