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Part 3. Page Design Workarounds > Flash Sites and Search Engine Visibility - Pg. 96

Page Design Workarounds importer offers decaffeinated herbal teas and other herbal blends. Black, oolong, green, and iced teas available as loose tea or in tea bags."> <meta name="keywords" content="organic teas green oolong tea herbal blends TranquiliTeas decaffeinated loose tea bags"> <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- if (top == self) self.location.href = "framesetname.html"; // --> </script> </head> 96 This script does not load the most appropriate content page in the frameset. The script loads only the frameset you specify, which is generally the home page. Additionally, site visitors cannot use the Back button because each page on your site automatically loads the frameset page. Important Although other scripts exist to enable framed pages to be bookmarked and to load specific pages within the frameset, it is best to let your site visitors select their preference. Many people just do not like frames designs, and they greatly appreciate the option to turn the frames off. The best solution is to create a home page that gives site visitors the option to view a site both with and without a frames design. After analyzing your site's traffic logs for a period of at least three