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When you hire a translation or localization vendor, you are, in effect, also hiring a number of translators, editors, and web programmers. To be safe, select two translation vendors, not just one. Always have a backup firm ready and waiting. This strategy will come in handy if your first vendor gets overbooked with work or if you find the quality lacking. Also, having a second vendor in the wings keeps your primary vendor more focused on pricing and service.

Questions to Ask Your Translation Vendor

Do you outsource? And to whom? Ask for their credentials.

How many employees do you have? Try to match the size of your account with the size of the agency.

What is your rate of turnover? Some agencies have a high rate of employee burnout caused by high workloads; this affects quality and service.

How long have you been in business? The translation industry is highly fluid, with vendors here one day and gone the next. Try to select a vendor with a stable, profitable track record.

What languages do you manage? Some agencies specialize in only one or two language pairs. Although you may get higher quality with these shops, they won’t be able to expand with you as your site expands into new markets.

What clients do you have? Ask for references and check them carefully. Review sample translations.

How do you control quality? Ask for detailed statistics on how they monitor themselves and ensure that errors, once spotted, don’t occur again.

Who is my dedicated contact? You need someone you can call any time you have a question or need an update on your account. During a project, it’s wise to have regularly scheduled calls with your contact to check on progress.

Can you conduct a sample translation for us? Any vendor who is worth hiring will gladly take a test. Also, get your client reviewers, if you have them, involved now. You can also get their “buy in” on the vendor you select.

What translation tools do you use? You might need a vendor that uses the same software you’re using. Make sure they have the software, skills, and support in place before you send them electronic files.

Do I retain ownership of the translation memory? Translation memory is covered in Chapter 9; for now, just know that you want to own it.



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