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MASTERING YOUR (COUNTRY) DOMAIN 275 Why Register Yet Another Domain Name? In case your boss needs a little convincing, here are the key reasons you need to consider regis- tering domains for each country you're planning to enter: · Trademark protection. It's less expensive to register a ccTLD now and sit on it a while than to wait, miss out on the domain, and then have to plead your case before the World Intellectual Property Organization ( Giorgio Armani recently lost out to the domain and Pepsi lost out on the domain. · Usability. Just as Americans are predisposed to think .com when they first guess at a web address, outside the U.S. it's not unusual to see people who guess at an address by using their country code domains first. · Marketability.In the end, you want your audience to think of your company as a local company. A ccTLD is a step in that direction. · Searchability. Local search engines give preference to web sites that use country-specific domain names. So if you want to do well on Russia's leading search engine, you really cannot afford not to invest in a .ru domain. Consistency Counts Domains are sometimes inconsistently used, as shown in these two Yahoo! domain names: Yahoo! Japan: Yahoo! China (Simplified): FYI