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ey, if you're following the schedule, it's mid-day Sunday! If you've done everything up to this point, you've come a long way! You've learned the basics of HTML--how to dress up your pages, and how to create tables and frames--and now you're ready to tackle forms. If you've skipped some of the other optional sessions, that's okay--it is more important that you go at your own speed. I've included lots of optional and bonus material, so I'm not expecting you to have done everything. Everyone has a different learning style and curve. So, just relax and go at your own speed. H This session is also optional for this weekend, so feel free to skip this session and save it until another weekend if you are running short on time. You can also do any earlier session in its place that you have yet to complete, or you can skip ahead and do the Sunday Afternoon session or the Sunday Evening session. Alicia Hightower has been tasked by her boss with creating a visitor's ques- tionnaire that can be used to survey visitors to her company's Web site. Getting Started with the Example For this session, a new example file is provided for you. To get started using the example page: 1. Run your text editor and open tutor6_example.html from the MyHTML folder (located in your My Documents folder, if using Windows, or on your Desktop, if using a Macintosh). 217