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Understanding Image Formats > Which Image Format Should You Use? - Pg. 225

SUNDAY MID-DAY Working with Forms 225 Figure 7.6 Check boxes are similar to radio buttons, except visitors can select as many as they want. Other Input Controls Besides text boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes, there are a number of additional input controls that you can create with the INPUT tag. Of these, the most important are the submit, reset, and image controls, which are used to submit form data or reset the form. I cover these later in this session. There are two other input controls that you might use: hidden and pass- word controls. A hidden control allows you to include a control that submits data, but which will be hidden from the user. Form processing CGI scripts also may require that you specify one or more hidden con- trols to help direct where your form responses should be sent or specify the address of your confirmation page. A hidden control is specified by a type="hidden" attribute. A password control works like a text box control, except the typed text is displayed as a series of asterisks. A password control is normally used in conjunction with an application (created using CGI or JavaScript), which does not allow a visitor to access a page or folder if they do not know the correct password. A password control is specified by a type="password" attribute. For a selection of password-protection JavaScript scripts that you can cut and paste into your page, see FIND IT ONLINE