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SUNDAY MID-DAY Working with Forms 221 Web Address: <input type="text" name="Web_Address" size="40"></p> </form> Setting Default Values Sometimes you want a text box to be already filled out with a default value. You use the VALUE attribute to set a default value for a text box. Go ahead and edit the "Country" text box and set "USA" as the default value (see Figure 7.3): <p>Country: <input type="text" name="Country" size="25" value="USA">&#160;&#160 Creating Radio Buttons A radio button control is a circular button that is blank when unselected, but filled when selected. You can select only one radio button in a list at a time. You might be wondering why this control is called a radio button. Actually, the name comes from the radio buttons found on old car radios, which let you select a radio station by pressing a button, and then select another station by pressing another radio button (which popped up the pre- viously pressed button). Radio buttons in forms work the same way. Select- ing a button will unselect the previously selected button, in other words. Figure 7.2 You can use text boxes to gather just about any kind of data.