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TABLE > THEAD (Table Head) (4.0) - Pg. 213

SUNDAY MORNING Working with Frames 211 "Blake" link sidebar2. html Figure 6.13 Clicking on the "Blake" link in the sidebar menu causes the William Blake page (blake.html) to be displayed in the "main" frame. blake.html Scroll down in the William Blake page and click on the "front page" link to redisplay the front page (front2.html) in the "main" window. Only the first link ("William Blake") links to an actual page; the other linked pages have not been created. Test out the other links in the top menu. The third link ("17th Century") switches in a third windowed frameset page (fs_twocols3.html). The fourth link ("16th Century") switches in a fourth windowed frameset page (fs_twocols4.html). In the sidebar menus for those pages, none of the sidebar menu links link to an actual page. NOTE The four variants of frame layouts (two-column, two-row, combination row-column, and windowed) are just some of the more typical kinds of layouts you can create using frames. To create a "checkerboard" layout, with the browser window split into four equally sized frames, you can combine both COLS and ROWS attributes in the same FRAMESET element, like this: <frameset cols="50%,50%" rows="50%,50%"> continued