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Including Styles in Web Pages > Linking and Importing External Style Sheets - Pg. 147

142 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend <body bgcolor="#rrggbb" text="#rrggbb" link="#rrggbb" vlink="#rrggbb" alink="#rrggbb"> The following example sets the colors for the background, the text (or foreground), and the three varieties of links--regular, visited, and acti- vated. Your main concern when setting background, text, and link colors should be readability. If the color of your background and the colors of your text and links don't have enough contrast, or if they clash with each other, your page will end up being a strain for a visitor to read, which is not what you want. Also, when setting the color for visited links (speci- fied by the VLINK attribute), it is conventional to use a less bright or intense version of the same color that is assigned to links (specified by the LINK attribute). If you do it the other way around, visitors might mistake unvisited links for visited ones. You can also set the same color to