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HTML 4.01 Reference (A to Z) > FRAMESET (4.0) - Pg. 200

198 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend can be indexed by search engine robots and thus helps make it easier for Web searchers to find your page. You can include any body element, including a BODY element, in the NOFRAMES element. If not already open, reopen fs_tworows.html in your text editor and nest a NOFRAMES element inside of the FRAMESET element: <frameset cols="125, *" border="0"> <frame src="sidebar.html" name="sidebar" frameborder="0"> <frame src="front.html" name="main" frameborder="0"> <noframes> <p>A frames-capable browser is required to view this page. Visit the <a href="front.html">non-frames</a> version of this page.</p> </noframes>