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HTML 4.01 Reference (A to Z) > FONT (D) - Pg. 196

194 Learn HTML 4 In a Weekend Linking to External Pages A regular hypertext link within a framed page will open up the target docu- ment in the same frame. In the case of pages that are internal to your site, this may be what you want. However, it is generally considered unethical to display others' Web pages within a frame on your site. Whenever you include links within a framed page that link to pages that are external to your site, you should use the TARGET attribute to cause the page to be displayed outside of any frames on your site. You have already used the TARGET attribute to specify that a link's target should be opened in a named frame ( target="main" ). The TARGET attribute also takes a number of additional attributes that can be used to control the display of target documents: _top, _blank, _self, and _parent. Here is a quick rundown on these attribute values: causes the target document to be displayed in the target="_top"