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HTML 4.01 Reference (A to Z) > DIR (D) - Pg. 195

SUNDAY MORNING Working with Frames 193 Creating Seamless Frames One of the questions most often asked on newsgroups covering HTML and Web publishing is how to create "seamless" frames. Seamless frames are frames where the borders between and around the frames are invisible, with the two pages in the frames adjoining each other seamlessly. In HTML 4, a frame- border="0" attribute set in each FRAME element turns off display of the frame borders, but a perceptible white seam remains visible between the frames if the backgrounds of the framed pages aren't also white. The only way, using HTML alone, to remove the seam between frames is to add a non-standard attribute, border="0" , to the FRAMESET element. Use the FRAMEBOR- DER and BORDER attributes to create seamless frames (see Figure 6.4): <frameset cols="125, *" border="0"> <frame src="sidebar.html" name="sidebar" frameborder="0">