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HTML 4.01 Reference (A to Z) > BODY - Pg. 193

SUNDAY MORNING Working with Frames 191 "Coleridge" link ml ("main" frame) Figure 6.2 Clicking on the "Coleridge" link in the sidebar menu causes the Coleridge page to be displayed in the "main" frame. or contract along with the browser window. You do this by combining an integer value with a wildcard character (*). Reopen fr_twocols.html in your text editor and specify that the first column is to be 125 pixels wide and the second column should be free to expand or contract along with the browser window (see Figure 6.3): <frameset cols="125,*"> <frame src="sidebar.html" name="sidebar"> <frame src="front.html" name="main"> </frameset> Controlling Other Frame Characteristics There are a number of attributes you can use to control the appearance of the individual frames. These include the following: The FRAMEBORDER attribute turns off the border around a frame. For example, frameborder="0" turns off the frame border, and frameborder="1" turns it on. By default, the frame border is on.