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SUNDAY MORNING Working with Frames 207 Figure 6.10 After clicking on the "R. Browning" link, the Robert Browning page is displayed in the lower-right frame (the "main" frame). "R. Browning" link ml Creating a Windowed Frame Layout One of the problems with the previous example (the combination row- column frame page) is that you can't target the second frameset in a link, because a frameset can't be named. The way around that is to link to save the second frameset as a separate frameset page, and then link to it from within a FRAME element in the linking frameset page; this allows you to target the frameset, because you can name the frame that links to it. This kind of layout is called a windowed layout, because a frameset is windowed inside of a frame (instead of being directly nested inside of its parent frame- set, as in the combination row-column layout example). For this example, you only need to create the linking frameset page and the top menu page. You will be reusing the two-column frameset page you created earlier as the windowed frameset. All of the other pages that are dis- played in the frames have already been created for you.