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SUNDAY AFTERNOON Working with Styles 257 The primary disadvantage of using em measurements in page designs is that some earlier browsers have problems with them. Internet Explorer 3 has a flawed implementation of CSS that causes a measurement of one em to be equivalent to one pixel. Some versions of the Netscape 4 browser cause nested elements to inherit the actual value, rather than the com- puted value, of a font-size setting, which can cause nested elements to seemingly inexplicably increase in size. While relatively few users are using these browsers, you don't want to block them from accessing your page's content. Later in this session, in "Ensuring Backward and Forward Compatibility," you will learn some methods and techniques you can use to shield or alert users of Internet Explorer 3 or Netscape 4. Using pixels to set font measurements, Web designers can make sure font sizes are scaled relative to the images in their page. This kind of page