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Designing Forms > Using Backgrounds with Forms - Pg. 142

SATURDAY AFTERNOON Dressing Up Your Pages 137 cube that lets you select the color you want, along with the corresponding hex code. See "Finding Online Color Charts" later in this session for links to where you can find online color charts, wheels, or cubes. Selecting Colors from the Web-Safe Palette When a system is limited to displaying 256 colors, it uses dithering to display a color that is not part of its system palette, by combining the pixels from two or more colors present in the system palette in order to try to trick the eye into perceiving the desired color. Although this some- times works, often the result is a grainy, splotchy color that only remotely resembles the desired color. The Web-safe palette is composed of 216 colors that should be present in most systems' 256-color palettes and, thus, should not be dithered on a system limited to displaying only 256