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SUNDAY MID-DAY Working with Forms 229 Figure 7.10 A text area box differs from a text box in that it enables visitors to type several lines of text. Text area box Creating Submit and Reset Buttons You can use the INPUT element to create two additional (and essential) input controls: a submit button and a reset button. A submit button, as its name implies, submits the form's data to the form processing agent (usually a CGI script) specified by the FORM element's ACTION attribute. A reset button lets visitors reset the form, clearing any previous entries. Add submit and reset buttons to your form (see Figure 7.11): <p><input type="submit" value="Submit Form">&#160;&#160;<input type="reset" value="Reset Form"></p> </form> The type="submit" and type="reset" attributes specify that the submit button and reset button input controls are being created. The VALUE Figure 7.11 The submit button submits the form's data, whereas the reset button resets the form. Submit button Reset button