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Creating a Two-Column Table Layout > Using Background Colors in Page Layouts - Pg. 172

SATURDAY EVENING (BONUS SESSION) Working with Tables 169 Controlling Vertical Alignment As the preceding example shows, the default vertical alignment for table cells is middle-alignment. The VALIGN attribute can be set in the TR, TH, or TD elements to change the default vertical alignment of table cells. The allowed values are middle, top, bottom, and baseline. Set the "Totals" row to be bottom-aligned (see Figure 5.17): <tr align="right" valign="bottom"><th align="left" height="32">Totals</th> <td>$991,367</td> <td>$1,271,071</td> <td>$849,045</td> <td>$3,111,483</td></tr> </table> The baseline value is useful for setting different font sizes in different cells within a table row. Setting bottom-alignment for the row, in that case,