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Creating a Two-Column Table Layout > Eliminating the Page Margins - Pg. 174

SATURDAY EVENING (BONUS SESSION) Working with Tables 171 added includes two un-spanned cells and one spanned cell that spans three cells (2 + 3 = 5). Spanning Table Rows The ROWSPAN attribute can be used to span rows within a table. Span- ning table rows works similarly to spanning columns, except that the cells spanned run down a column (rather than across in a row). Cells are spanned down from the cell where the ROWSPAN attribute is inserted. Any cells to be spanned in the following rows must be removed. Set the top row so it is bottom-aligned, add heading text to the two blank cells, and set those two cells so they both span two rows: <caption style="margin-bottom: 24px">Table I. First Quarter Sales Results</caption>